How to help the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria, a category 4 storm, one of the strongest to ever hit the United States, ripped through Puerto Rico last week, leaving the island devastated. The homes and power grid of the 3.4 million Americans citizens who live there were destroyed. Many of the people on the island are experiencing a lack of drinking water and food.  And due to the storm knocking out internet and cell tower service, many can’t call for help. In addition, their dams are on the brink of collapse, which could cause the death toll – already at 26 and hundreds more to be left homeless.


If you can, please donate.


Puerto Rico

• The United Funds of Puerto Rico/ Unidos por Puerto Rico established by Puerto Rico’s first lady Beatriz Roselló.


• ConPRmetidos, Ideas + Actions 


• Friends of Puerto Rico


The Hispanic Federation Donate online or via text, text to number 41444. Type UNIDOS (space) YOUR AMOUNT (space) and YOUR NAME. (For example: Unidos 100 John Doe) Then press “send” and click on the link to complete your donation.


The Center for Popular Democracy,Hurricane Maria Community Relief & Recovery Fund




Virgin Islands

All Hands needs help rebuilding in the U.S. Virgin Islands.


>>This article in Business Insider gives additional options.