Silverleaf Home Theater

SM&W Contribution

This 18,000 ft2 luxury estate in Scottsdale, AZ includes a high performance home theater. Designed to be of “Director’s Reference” caliber, the theater reproduces identical acoustical, audio, and video performance as intended by the director. The theater’s interior décor, lighting, HVAC system, acoustical treatments, and audiovisual equipment vanish during screening, suspending the viewer’s sense of reality by creating an immersive cinema experience.

Nestled in the McDowell Mountains’ posh Silverleaf community, the building foundation required cutting through solid rock to carve out what would become a fortress of state-of-the-art cinema experience. The discerning clients knew they wanted superb audiovisual performance with integrated acoustical design and elegantly-simple room décor, but they also wanted major sound isolation ensuring tranquility throughout the house during the loudest film screenings.

This was accomplished through on-site audio and video system final calibration for the home theater, including calibrating audio levels, delays, limiters, equalization, signal routing, bass management, channel/speaker polarity, and proper integration with acoustical treatment ensemble, as well as video black levels, contrast, brightness, color temperature, sharpness, optical shift, up-conversion in scaler, and aspect ratio setups – among other system parameter adjustments.

The Silverleaf Home Theater received the 2011 Electronic House (EH) Expo Bronze Medal Home Theater.

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