SM&W 30 Years

Celebrating 30 Years of Delivering Innovative Technology & Acoustical Solutions

Celebrating the Past

Reflecting on 30 Years of Innovation.
When SM&W was founded 30 years ago, there were two forces that shaped the vision of the firm: the emerging global economy, and the convergence of the specialty disciplinary services in building designs. To meet the first, SM&W set out to build a global footprint. To meet the second, we worked hard to join all the interrelated disciplines together to provide a single source of responsibility to serve our clients efficiently.

Innovating the Future

Where We’re Heading.
We have a legacy of creating innovative user experiences, pushing the boundaries of possibilities, and making sure those we partner with succeed. Looking forward, we’ll hold true to our values and the culture that make us SM&W.

Visions of Tomorrow

What does the future look like?
As we celebrate 30 years of service and look ahead, we asked the children of our staff to draw a picture of what the future will look like when they grow up. With gratitude to our clients and in support of children everywhere, we have made a donation to the Inova Children's Hospital.

  • Kate Vinlarek, Age 7
  • Cameron Shen, Age 6
  • Caitlin Boberg, Age 8
  • Carlos Chan, Age 6
  • Regine Chan, Age 8
  • Bryan Jose, Age 8
  • Teddy Lovejoy, Age 7
  • Cameron Shen, Age 6
  • Jac Copeland, Age 11
  • Elon Copeland, Age 7
  • Anna Copeland, Age 9
  • Henry Lovejoy, Age 7
  • Gigi Barton, Age 4

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