Amanda Rhodes serves as a Medical Equipment Planning Associate with Shen Milsom & Wilke. She provides a vital link in the management and execution of SM&W’s domestic and international medical equipment planning projects.

Amanda’s experience on a wide range of healthcare projects offers SM&W’s clients a seamless and discerning level of service from the concept design phase all the way through to procurement and logistics.

As an associate, Amanda’s responsibilities range from creating and maintaining project equipment databases, leading user group and client meetings, coordinating procurement and logistics activities between multiple project teams.  Her duties also involve building, reviewing, and maintaining REVIT project models, providing quality control/quality assurance reviews for internal processes and documents, as well as peer reviews of concept and project designs for multiple clients. Amanda is a highly organized individual with an aptitude for problem solving and a deep interest in the progression and evolution of medical equipment and healthcare technologies. She excels at bringing together the needs of the patients and clinical staff, the vision of the design team, and the unique requirements and high standards for SM&W’s medical equipment planning projects.

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