Abu Dhabi Investment Authority Headquarters

SM&W Contribution

Because the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) invests the Abu Dhabi government’s oil revenues and assets, the agency’s headquarters building needed crucial technology to support operations, including three trading floors and their associated spaces.

The architect’s elegant building afforded minimal space for cables, wiring and ductwork. To respect their work, Shen Milsom & Wilke specified a wireless communication system, which functions smoothly and leaves wall space for other utilities. Technology cabling resides beneath raised floors whenever possible.

The trading floors support three financial groups, and each one occupies nearly an entire floor. The rooms required a logical layout and clear sightlines for communicating with other traders and viewing vital information displays. The curving glass walls meant displays had to be positioned along one solid wall and hung from the ceiling.

The data centre, which occupies an entire floor, controls the building’s technology. SM&W addressed all backup power, air conditioning, power distribution, fire protection and security. Keeping the data centre cool is difficult in such a harsh environment, despite heat-reflecting glass and other steps taken by the architect. SM&W specified a raised floor for cool-air distribution and maximized ceiling room for overhead ductwork and cables using computational fluid dynamics software.

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