Jin Mao Tower

SM&W Contribution

Shen Milsom & Wilke and the office of SOM in Chicago collaborated on the design of an “intelligent building” in Shanghai, China. The tower is named Jin Mao, and was designed as one of the most technologically advanced high rise mixed-use buildings in the world. Located in the Pudong area, which is touted to be the future financial center of China, the Jin Mao rises 88 stories and consists of 50 stories of office lease spaces and 30 plus stories of hotel, operated by Grand Hyatt.

SM&W, along with SOM, conducted extensive interviews with the client developer to discuss how best to design fully integrated building services capability for this world-class building. Consideration was given to integrate information technology backbone infrastructure, building systems such as building management (BMS), fire and life safety, security, audiovisual, as well as tenant voice and data systems. To support the fully integrated intelligent building, wire management, data centers, information technology services entrance rooms, and vertical and horizontal cable distribution methodologies were all examined. Satellite dishes capable of receiving appropriate information for voice, data and video were also planned and designed atop this building.

SM&W was also the project’s acoustical consultant, assisting SOM in the design of HVAC systems, hotel spaces, and convention/retail areas. The hotel is operated by Grand Hyatt and is the world’s tallest, since it occupies the 50th through the 88th floor.


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