An Integrated Project Approach

SM&W provides a single point of responsibility and coordinated acoustic, audiovisual, IT, medical equipment planning, and physical security consulting services for an efficient, cost effective solution that will support your day one and future needs.

SM&W is using virtual reality to improve design understanding and increase design accuracy. Many clients have a difficult time reading complex drawings or understanding how their project will look and work when completed. VR simulation provides an opportunity to experience your space during the design phase.

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We identify potential acoustical issues at the earliest point possible and bring forth all available options for team review, discussion, & coordination.

Our projects range from extremely sensitive environments, such as studios, performance spaces, laboratories; to the corporate and learning environment involving boardrooms, executive offices, collaboration spaces, open plan areas, classrooms, etc. Solutions have to work within the framework of a project and team.

Our Acoustical services include:

"From its inception, SM&W's goal has been to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. We go the extra mile to ensure a successful project with cost effective and prudent approaches. SM&W is unparalleled in our experience with building physical acoustics, noise & vibration control. We pride ourselves on recommending, coordinating and implementing cost effective solutions to today’s acoustic environment."

—Jim Merrill

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AV & Multimedia

Our AV & Multimedia Consultants provide creative design solutions, and specification guidance to make the places we work, play, worship and live more functional, collaborative environments.

Our Audiovisual / Multimedia services include:

  • Networked Multimedia
  • Digital Retrieval
  • Distance Learning
  • Network, Command & Emergency Operations Centers
  • User Interface
  • Space Planning
  • Interactive Digital Signage

"We work closely with the design team to integrate the technologies selected through careful programming into the built space – from corporate headquarters and educational facilities to medical environments."

—Mark Peterson

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Information Technology

SM&W’s integrated approach to Information Technology unifies the computing environment comprising wireless, video, voice, data and storage applications into a manageable utility saving you time, space, and money.

Our IT Infrastructure and IT Systems services include:

  • Converged Technology Systems
  • Structured Cabling Systems
  • Data Center and Technology Equipment Room Planning
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) Lighting Infrastructure
  • Data Center CFD Analysis
  • Local and Wide Area Network Design
  • Unified Communications
  • Wireless Network Planning and Design
  • Carrier Services Coordination
  • Distributed Antenna System Coordination
  • Server Infrastructure
  • Storage / Storage Area Networks

We design robust, reliable, flexible and adaptable technology solutions. Our goal is to both satisfy our clients immediate needs and consider the future needs for the life of the facility. Our holistic approach looks not only at individual technologies but at the convergence that is happening throughout our industry to provide a total solution.

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Physical Security

SM&W is known for establishing effective security programs by utilizing a balance of physical, operational, and technical innovations. To provide adequate protection for your project, we make sure these elements operate in concert with one another.

Our Physical Security services include:

"Our security solutions are tailored to the needs of individual clients via a comprehensive needs analysis which allows us to be selective with mitigation techniques that range from well-established to cutting edge."

—Justin Boberg

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Medical Equipment Planning

From single department renovations to new construction of entire medical centers, our medical equipment planners utilize a time tested process that is performed in a systematic manner sequenced to the design and construction phases of a building project.

Our Medical Equipment Planning services include:

  • Existing Equipment Assessment/Inventory
  • Needs Analysis/Budget Development
  • Specification Development
  • Programming/Review Meetings (Clinical)
  • Placement Drawings and Room Layouts
  • Project Schedule and A&E Coordination
  • Procurement & Logistics
  • Installation and Relocation Management

"Our medical equipment planning team utilizes a systematic, methodical process that allows us to create forward thinking solutions while maintaining the highest level of quality assurance. This time tested process assists the project team in seizing opportunities and avoiding potentially costly pitfalls."

—Jay Ticer

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