Mission Bay Block 13W

San Francisco, CA

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SM&W Contribution

Block 13 West is located in the City of San Francisco’s Mission Bay Project Area. The site is west of 4th Street between Channel Street and Long Bridge Streets. Mission Bay Park runs parallel to Channel Street, northwest of the site. The 1,150,000 ft2 project features 273 market-rate units and is made up of two (2) distinct elements: a 16-story tower on the west and a five-story podium on the eastern two-thirds of the site. The podium brings the development down to a pedestrian scale, creating a feel reminiscent of many City residential streets.

SM&W is providing flexible infrastructure planning and design to support the technology services that will serve the building on Day 1, as well as into the future. In addition, our scope includes providing technology design of audiovisual and security systems in support of the residents’, business tenants’ and staff’s operational needs. The telecommunications infrastructure goal is to provide an integrated technology network with a robust infrastructure that supports high reliability, redundant bandwidth capacity.

Physical security and electronic surveillance are part of the security systems design for the entire development, including electronic access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance, and dedicated security control and observation room.

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