Celebrating Music in Our Schools Month

Music is a multifaceted essential part of our life. It is one of a few universal means of expression that can encompass the full spectrum of human emotion. Music can be uplifting, depressing, exciting, melodic, inspiring, etc. It is a medium in which history and culture have been passed down through generations. As the world evolves, finding a healthy means of expression is critical, especially in young people.

In school, there are many forms of expression whether it be physical, mental, visual, emotional, auditory, etc. Some of these expressions are required as a base curriculum while others may not.  Becoming a musician at a young age, starting with the recorder in elementary school, I was introduced to the art of music. Finding this new medium of expression was the beginning of a lifelong journey that still influences me today. Learning how to play an instrument was exciting and novel. Learning how to read music and hear my progression in performance was so exhilarating. Music taught me how to be creative, to be patient, to listen and how to respond. All of these characteristics are useful in navigating through life.

As a young student, I found music class to be a particularly fun and creative class while also being challenging, in a good way, at times. Figuring out different combinations of note patterns challenged me to think critically while at the same time giving me a way to creatively express myself. All too often students can feel trapped in the core curriculum of reading, writing, science, and math and not have the means to express themselves. Music class is one that coincidentally combines all of these core curricula in a fun and creative way.

As schools’ curriculums change and evolve it’s essential that the creative arts continue to be an essential part of student learning, with music class being one of those. Having the opportunity to learn how to express one’s self through sound is having the opportunity to learn a universal language. As the world continues to become more interconnected, teaching the universal language of music remains crucial.

Let the music in our schools month be a reminder of the importance that music plays in all of our lives and to continue passing on the tradition of a universal language.



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