Allsup Retreat – Cisco Telepresence Room

SM&W Contribution

The Allsup Retreat is a private residence owned by Cisco Systems and is located in an exclusive neighborhood sited among the foothills surrounding Scottsdale, AZ. In order to be outfitted with the latest technology and meet the demands of its top employees, the Retreat’s video conferencing room was updated with a Cisco Telepresence System. At approximately 22’ x 20’ x 10’ the table can comfortably seat up to 12 people during video conferencing activities.

The paramount need on the project was to retrofit an appropriate acoustical design that provided Cisco-specified performance levels commensurate with the Telepresence requirements. Although sound isolation was not a major design concern, interior sound reflection control and background noise suppression were of primary interest to ensure the Telepresence system functioned adequately.

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