8 Washington Street

San Francisco, CA

SM&W Contribution

Once completed, 8 Washington will create a new premiere residential development along San Francisco’s famous Embarcadero Street and provide residents with some of the most breathtaking views of the San Francisco Bay. Located on a 3.2-acre triangular parcel, this 552,000 ft2 high-end development will replace the existing Pacific Sports Resorts at the Gateway Facilities, while transforming a surface parking lot into a vibrant waterfront community consisting of luxury housing, neighborhood-serving retail, restaurants, recreation and public open space, as well as underground public parking serving the Ferry Building Waterfront Area.

SM&W is providing flexible infrastructure planning and design to support the technology services that will serve the building on day 1 and into the future. In addition, SM&W’s scope also includes providing technology design of audiovisual and security systems in support of the residents’, business tenants’ and staff’s operational needs of the facility. The telecommunications infrastructure goal is to provide an integrated technology network with a robust infrastructure that supports high reliability, redundant bandwidth capacity.

Additionally, 8 Washington will utilize a distributed systems design approach for its audiovisual systems. Equipment cabinets will be located in dedicated technology rooms co-located with the telecommunications equipment. The intent is to minimize and consolidate equipment locations for ease of management and maintenance. All audiovisual spaces have planned provisions and infrastructure to support future technology upgrades and refresh cycles.

Physical security and electronic surveillance are part of the security systems design for the entire development, including electronic access control, intrusion detection, video surveillance, and dedicated security control and observation room.

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