City-Wide Security Systems Assessment

SM&W Contribution

The City-Wide Security Systems Assessment includes eighteen (18) sites within the City of Thornton, which were evaluated by SM&W.  These locations included: Civic Center, Wes Brown Water Plant, Thornton Treatment Center, Margaret W. Carpenter Rec Center, Community Center, Senior Center, Thorncreek Golf Club, Thornton Arts & Cultural Center, Community Building, Community Pool, Park Village Pool, Infrastructure Maintenance Center, Municipal Service Center, and Fire Stations 1-5.

SM&W assessed the existing security systems utilized by the City of Thornton for each location. SM&W also review existing security standard operating procedures (SOP), as available by location. SM&W provided the City of Thornton with security products, industry trends, new technologies, system integrations, etc. which could be used to strengthen their physical security measures city-wide.

SM&W was responsible for field researching the existing equipment layouts, existing conduit and cabling routes, field device mounting surfaces and locations, and security equipment layouts. The goal of the assessment report allowed the City to use the documentation to move forward with security improvement planning and budgeting for future system upgrades, additions, and enhancement modifications.



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In 2016 and 2017, the City of Thornton had the pleasure of working with Shen Milson & Wilke on accessing the security needs and concerns of our facilities. Their security consultants toured all city facilities and put together a comprehensive security assessment plan for the City of Thornton that was highly professional, detailed, concise, and within our budget needs. The security consultants were well trained, very knowledgeable, professional, and great to work with. They listen to our concerns and our needs and addressed them in highly proficient manner. The City of Thornton is now implementing their assessment plan throughout the city with great success.

I would highly recommend Shen Milson & Wilke, LLC to any company and/or organization that is looking for a plan to upgrade their facilities security, you will find this company knows their customers security needs and is great to work with.

—Joe Stover, Maintenance Services Manager, City of Thornton
May, 2018

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