Disney Streaming Services Headquarters

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SM&W Contribution

Starting in 2019, Shen Milsom & Wilke provided acoustical consulting expertise for the Walt Disney Corporation’s new Disney Streaming Headquarters located in Manhattan, New York. This new headquarters is a consolidation of four (4) previous locations all located across Manhattan. The new space is approximately 150,000 SF that is spread across four (4) floors (16, 17, 18 & 28). These floors have primarily been designed to accommodate everyday office needs, including offices, open workspaces, conference rooms, training rooms and amenities. Additionally, half of a floor is being used for mission critical workspaces including a data center, network operations center and a transmission operations center. This project began with a demolition of the space so the Walt Disney Corporation could start the project from the existing base building. This allowed them to redesign the floors to their needs and incorporate the infrastructure they personally required for the space. This project was completed in 2021 but SM&W was retained directly by The Walt Disney Corporation to complete additional acoustical surveying and testing in the summer of 2022.

The design of the project included spaces that required additional attention by our acoustics team due to their sensitive nature. Several quality control, listening and media screening rooms were designed for enhanced sound isolation, low background noise and additional acoustic finishes to provide an uncolored audio experience and avoid noise intrusions. The space featured glass office front systems as well as open ceilings in many areas where acoustical considerations were a priority.

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