Etihad Museum

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SM&W Contribution

Museums on 21st century include significant amount of technical sophistication due to the wide use of multimedia applications, interactive exhibits and the need for flexibility in the facilities’ daily operations. Throughout the design process, the convergence of the specialty disciplinary services such as acoustics, audiovisual, IT and Security was the key in supporting the creation of this ambitious cultural landmark.

Etihad Museum marks the 45-year anniversary of founding of the United Arab Emirates. Located on the exact same site where the UAE independence declaration was signed on 2nd December 1971. The historical building such as ‘Dar Al Etihad’ has remained in its original location, while the rest of the development was built around it, supplemented by an exquisite entrance pavilion, Guesthouse, below grade museum facilities and the new 123 m high flag pole. The 25 000 m² museum includes eight permanent galleries, a temporary gallery, a theatre, multi-purpose hall, archival facilities, a library and classrooms, along with a restaurant, café and retail shops.

Instead of stationary exhibits presenting the events leading up to the foundation of UAE, the guests are taken on an educational journey with a strong emphasis on immersive experiences such as interactive screens and videos, presentations of historic photographs and objects, a hologram stand and a library with over 3000 books. This museum does not only provide insight and understanding of the processes behind unifying UAE, but also creates a destination for visitors of all ages.



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