Summit High School Security Program Development

Breckenridge, CO

SM&W Contribution

SM&W provided security consulting services as part of an addition and renovation project at Summit High School. SM&W’s security team provided clear goals and statements that defined the school’s security program objectives and systems. Ultimately providing a security approach that incorporated integrated architectural, operational and technical design together in tandem with concentric/layered protection.

SM&W’s security team began by reviewing the high school district’s existing standards and guidelines. After design phases, our experts were tasked with coordinating all construction and retrofit activities during summer and holidays in order to work around the school’s calendar. Our design included integration of card readers, door alarms, cameras, and an intercom system to control visitor access, as well as a retrofit of security and access control head end equipment and security cameras. The addition of the high school included access control and monitoring systems on perimeter doors. The entire school now has a new electronic security system and new security vestibule/office to oversee day-to-day operations as well.

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