Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Construction Vibration Monitoring

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SM&W Contribution

Shen Milsom & Wilke provided acoustics services for various projects for Regeneron Pharmaceuticals at the Tarrytown, New York Campus.  These various spaces include:

  • Building 3 Vibration Monitoring
  • Building 5 Vibration Monitoring
  • Building 7 Vibration Monitoring
  • Building 8 Vibration Monitoring
  • Building 9, Floor 3, Vivarium Noise Vibration Monitoring
  • Building 9 Vibration Monitoring


The projects typically involved an interior construction project within an existing building where nearby vivarium, laboratories or research equipment are in use. These elements are known to be sensitive to vibration.  SM&W provided vibration monitoring equipment and coordinated installation with users and contractors to locate sensors within the sensitive spaces. SM&W utilized equipment that continuously monitored vibration (and sound for some applications). The data was streamed to cloud services and made accessible for relevant client and contractor representatives.  Additionally, thresholds of vibration were established for automatic alerts to Regeneron staff and contractors. The monitoring helped maintain functional activities in the laboratory spaces.

Each space is home to research areas that were at risk for serious impacts to the sensitive research and equipment areas.

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