SM&W Unscripted Announces Fall 2022 Sessions

SM&W Unscripted will resume its monthly meeting sessions this fall with a brand new lineup of topics and guests.


SM&W Unscripted was created as an open conversation outlet for the AEC industry based on many internal team exchanges at SM&W. The live meeting series aims to tackle topics of interest across the AEC community with an open discussion format. Each month hosts Stacey Dahmm and David Goetz hold a meeting about an issue of interest, often with special guests from the industry. Meetings are open to all and are short (around 30 minutes), but value candid conversations and shared experiences among colleagues.


2022’s fall sessions include:



Supporting Neurodiversity

Hosts Stacey Dahmm and David Goetz will be joined by special guest Jenn Steinhardt for September’s session of SM&W Unscripted. Jenn recently wrote an article about neurodiversity, and now would like to open the conversation up to our AEC community to talk about how we can support neurodiversity. The term neurodiversity is meant to celebrate the natural variations of the human brain, and the term is often used to advocate and bring awareness that neurodivergent individuals should be treated as equals to their neurotypical counterparts. How can we as companies and professionals support the neurodiverse? What technologies are out there that might aid in someone’s day-to-day life?

September 29, 2022 at 11:00 AM EST – Register Here



Assessing Your School’s Security

School security and safety are paramount for creating a successful learning environment for both students and teachers. Join security expert Drew Neckar, President and Principal Consultant at Security Advisors Consulting Group and Chair of the ASIS School Safety & Security Community, as October’s special guest where he and our hosts will discuss assessing school environments’ security posture. What is a security assessment and what can schools benefit from performing one?

October 27, 2022 at 11:00 AM EST – Register Here



An Attitude of Gratitude

Saying ‘thank you’ is more than being polite. It’s a small component of gratitude – which is a pretty powerful force, especially in the workplace. How do you express appreciation? Join us as we discuss the impact of gratitude and all of the ways we can show it!

Hosts Stacey Dahmm and David Goetz will be joined by Jeff Burns, Director of Human Resources at Verrex, to discuss what gratitude looks like in the workplace and the impact it can make.

November 15, 2022 at 11:00 AM EST – Register Here


Grab some coffee, take yourself off mute, and come chat with us!


About SM&W Unscripted

SM&W Unscripted is a monthly meeting of minds, where our co-hosts, Stacey Dahmm and David Goetz, will guide open dialogue about topics surrounding the AEC community. Sessions run monthly from January through December, with blackout months of June, July, August, and December.

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